Welcome to The Pad! We're glad you're here.

Ready to try climbing?

You don’t have to be in amazing shape.


You don’t have to have any experience.


We make it easy to get going.


Welcome to a safe, no-pressure, welcoming community of people who love to climb and love to help others do it, too.


We can’t wait to see what we can do for you! 
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Bouldering, top rope, lead climbing, auto belays – We’ve got it all.

With 35,000 square feet spread across both of our locations, there will always be something to challenge even the most seasoned climbers. 

New to the sport? There are plenty of awesome and easy climbs to build your confidence on the wall.

At The Pad we believe: All climbing is all good – All climbers are all good.

No funds? No problem. We have several different ways for you to become a member – we want you here!

Disabled? We work with you! We are prepared to work with the neurodiverse as well as those exploring adaptive techniques.

We put the FUN in Functional Fitness!

We’re more than just a climbing gym – we’re serious about fitness. That’s why a number of our members come here just to get their workouts in and never bother touching our walls. 

Gym Amenities Include – Free Weights, Medicine Balls, Box Jumps, Bands, Cardio Equipment, Stall Bars, Salmon Ladders, Peg Ladder & Grip Training, and great peeps with no Ego!

We’re committed to lowering barriers of entry to the climbing world because we believe it can change people’s lives.

We actively read the voices of the past and follow the voices of today, and encourage our team to do it. We do not shy away from scary conversations, but we do work to ensure that our space is safe for those learning as well as those teaching – we are community led, by members, where we are, and by our team.

We work actively to bring the life changing aspects of what a climbing gym can offer to those who do not perceive it to be part of their current culture.


The Pad Climbing