Early Childhood Climbing - Infants to Toddlers can use our gym too!

We have learned it’s best to not structure this age in a class – because your kids don’t have the ability to focus on our timeline, so here is a self-directed study program for the little ones! If your baby can sit up, he or she can do tons of cool things here!

Both gyms’ locations have child friendly facilities. On those days when you’re looking for something different, we suggest you come in and try some of these activities!

Did you know children climb FREE if they’re under 7 and you’re a member? Kids under 3 are free with paid adult passes.

toddler in climbing gym

Nurture your Natural Climber - Coming Soon!

Try our 8 week caregiver participation sessions!

The Nurture program facilitates the development of a growth mindset, plants the seeds of body awareness, and nurtures play in a manner that leads to curiosity, tenacity, and delight, all through the lens of being a climber.

Ages 3-4, 1 x week 1 hour sessions.