Our favorite bike shuttle biz needs a new owner. Is it you?

We’d love to offer bike shuttles again, but Bert’s PediCab company is looking to sell the business. We thought there may be a member of our PadFam who could benefit from this unique small business opportunity with us as a potential first customer built-in!

PediCabs are a fun and easy way to meet hundreds of people and make thousands of dollars at festivals and community events.

There are two pedi cabs available, ranging from $3,000 – $4,500. The cabs include upgrades and extras, along with all new tires/tubes with puncture proof sleeve inserts, a new removable canopy, full passenger cover rain fly, extra motor battery and extra auxiliary battery for lights/USB insert, new mid hub gear, extra chains and derailleur, battery charger station, operator seats, and more. Both could be sold together for $6,750/obo with even more extras.

These rides are too cool to let sit! Reach out to Bert via e-mail for more information.

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