Bouldering League 2021

Grab a team and get sending – it’s Fall Bouldering League!

From November 1-20, teams of up to 4 will gather weekly to complete problems and improve for prizes! Doesn’t matter how good you are – our prizes are for how much better you get within the three week period!

Must be signed up, with a team name, and paid by October 29th – includes a free t-shirt with your team name on it (and everyone elses’)! Shirts will be given out after the comp – you can join or order extra shirts until 11/12/

Boulder League party and winners announced Saturday, Nov 27th

Number of boulder problems set will increase each week.

How Boulder League will work:

New comp. problems will be set on Monday of each week. They will not have grades on them, but will be marked with a letter. So, the grades will not be known. The first week, they will set 12 climbs, 14 the second week, and 16 the third and final week.


Each team will have a score card that will be kept at the front desk. Teams are allowed to come in 1 time during the week and climb the problems for as long as they want. During their session, they will mark what climbs each participant completed and they will turn in the team card once they are done with their session. You can only get points for the climbs that were set that week. NO points will be given for completing a previous weeks climbs 

How scores will be kept:

Every team is in the SAME category. You are NOT scored based on how hard you can climb; rather, it will be based on your personal improvement. Example, a V2 climber will get the same points for climbing V3, that a V8 climber will get for climbing V9. 
Climber baselines will be set after the first week’s climbs and will not be changed, unless there is very obvious sandbagging. Example, if the hardest route you climb is V2 the first week and then V6 the next, you will be personally bumed up. 
The top 12 scores will be evenly taken from team members and will be used for total team score. No points will be earned by climbing a previous week’s set. Team scores and rank will be posted in the gym on Monday of the following week. 

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