Got a 6-15 year old climbing the walls? It’s time for Camp at The Pad!

Experienced or not, our camps are designed to inspire every young climber; our kind and engaging counselors aim to facilitate a safe environment for your kids’ physical and mental growth.

Every day is packed full of topics such as climbing techniques, route setting, belaying, knot tying, yoga, and more.

Of course, there’s all the good stuff of a day camp, too: fun games, crafts, new friends, but with the bonus of developing a love for climbing.

Ready to Sign up?

SLO Summer Camps are with Thane Lincoln

HEN Summer Camps are with Alex Oisboid

Camp pricing varies by gym location and week selected. Choose your week, click “SIGN UP,” and get full details, including pricing. 
Our camp counselors and coaches are certified with the U.S Center for Safesport and with Autism Climbs, and are aware of the needs of our unique and awesome youth climbers.
The Pad Climbing