Has climbing changed your life for the better?

Want to support those who wouldn’t have access without support?

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Rock climbing can be hard to get into without support: it requires gear, access to the walls, and access to a community to support you through belaying or spotting.

The Pad management also knows first hand how hard it can be to break into a culture you’re not directly connected to.

That is why we have so many policies in place that other gyms do not: No initiation, cancellation or suspension fees, free rentals, 24/7 access,  partner programs, and more.

We leave money where others grab for it because we know how life changing entry into the community can be.

But we want to do more! We need your help to do that.

How can you help?

Support your community with a monthly, automatic $15 (or more!) donation to our Climb4Community fund.

Just ask the front desk or email us to request an add-on to your membership!

We can also accept an annual donation in lieu of monthly!

Climb for Community membership includes:


  • One exclusive swag shirt after a year of donation (calculated in July of every year)
  • Free entry into any event we host and charge members for
  • Enjoy a second monthly buddy pass to share with anyone
  • 20 % off retail
  • A sense of well being as you see more and more people get access to the thing you love.

What your money will do:


  • Subsidize grants to low income individuals
  • Subsidize climbing equipment sale to grant recipients
  • Support nonprofit group attendance costs
  • Donate to related nonprofit organizations with the intent to:
    1. Expand our mission to include other peak experience activities that might not be otherwise accessible to recipients of your funds
    2. Develop other peak experiences for underserved communities (climbing walls, events, etc)
    3. Fund employment that supports our community  outreach

Don’t worry – we will check in with you!


We will release Climb4Community reports here every July, letting you know where our money and efforts went.

We are in partnership with Boulders Climbing Gym in WI.

We hope more gyms will offer similar support and grow community inclusion at a national scale.

The Pad Climbing