Help fill little free pantries in SLO

Community Day – Fill SLO County Little Free Pantries!

San Luis Obispo, CA –

The Pad Climbing has partnered with HelpSLO and the United Way for its very first Community Day.

All revenue from day passes sold on Sunday, September 26 and 15% of retail and any memberships sold that day will be donated to United Way to be earmarked to resupply the Little Free Pantry initiative. The Pad hopes to raise at least $2000 for the initiative.


The Little Free Pantry project is a collaboration between the HelpSLO Facebook group and local Rotary Club members. “It’s been such a special thing to see these pantries built and installed all over the county,” says Leah Wood, HelpSLO founder, “So many people came together organically to make it happen.”


Volunteers donated materials, time, and effort to build and install almost 30 little free pantries all over the Central Coast. The purpose of the pantries is for anyone to take what they need and leave what one can.


While anyone can donate directly to the pantries by stocking the shelves with nonperishable food and toiletry items, the initiative needs more help. “We have a responsibility to one another now to keep them full,” says Wood. “If we can continue to work with local businesses we can create a sustainable system to ensure they stay stocked.”


“The Pad Climbing is devoted to community enhancement and this is the perfect opportunity to test a new program,” CEO Kristin Horowitz said. “We hope we can inspire other businesses to invest in community efforts in the same way.”


The Pad hopes to partner with other organizations throughout the year in the same way.


Interested organizations can apply for a Community Day here


The Pad Climbing started as the country’s first nonprofit bouldering gym – originally housed in a self-storage unit. Now a for profit, full service rock climbing gym operation with facilities in multiple states, employing over 100 employees, The Pad boasts tens of thousands of current and past members in the 20 years of our operations.


The company aims to lead the industry with policies like 24/7 access, free equipment rental, no initiation fees, sliding scale + community membership opportunities and equitable hiring through inclusive and innovative business practices. What The Pad Climbing does is change lives by providing healthy, supportive community for any who wish to join: Climbing. Community. Fitness. Love.


HelpSLO is a network for mutual aid and is committed to inclusivity and neighbor-to-neighbor support. The core mission of this movement is to be a conduit for help. Through the HelpSLO Facebook group or website, anyone can reach out directly to our local community to ask for or offer help.

Image of a San Luis Obispo county little free pantry and information contained in the text in the image.
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