Member Maker Mondays

Beginning May 3rd - Member Maker Mondays!

First Monday of Every month @ The Pad Henderson
(and in SLO once we’re back up to capacity!)
Free for everyone!

(Climbing requires membership or a day pass)

Hi Paddies, COO Jessie in Henderson here: Like many people during the shut down, I started to become obsessed with online shopping. “Add to cart” was my favorite button.

I began to feel guilty that all my money was going to soulless corporations when people around me were making beautiful things and struggling to make ends meet.

I started seeing my friends with small businesses pushing out better stuff then they ever had. Resilient, creative friends started making new things and their “side hustles” became their main hustles.

Now that we are opening up more and more, my shopping obsession hasn’t decreased at all, I am sure I’m not the only one that keeps wanting to buy things, and the need to keep supporting our local businesses is stronger than ever. 

We thought, hey, you know what would freaking rock right now? A vendor fair that highlights all of the creative things our members have been working on and a way for them to set up an in person booth to sell some of their goods. So we’re going to do it. 

The first Monday evening of every month is going to be dedicated to the makers in our communities. 

We will be giving our member makers the space they need to set up booths and show you the cool stuff they have. 

100% of the profits from the night will go directly to the business owner, there will be no fees on our end. 

Stop by to browse, pick up a gift, and say hello!

We saw you baking, jewelry making, knitting, and turning your “side hustles” into full blown careers over the last year.

We’ve seen so many amazing things get produced during the pandemic, it’s incredibly inspiring.

We want to highlight your business and give you space to sell your cool stuff.

When you sign up, we will provide a designated space for you to set up your booth. If you send us cool photos, we’ll do our best to promote you, too!

Bring your own equipment, tables, point of sales systems, and anything else you need to sell your stuff.

Spaces are limited so if you are interested, fill out our form and we will send you a confirmation with set up and breakdown info.