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If you don’t see your question answered below, please email service@thepadclimbing.org – Thank you!

Log in to Approach. From here, you can update contact and billing info! You cannot change membership statuses here. You must email service@thepadclimbing.org to renew or cancel.

We get to be minimally staffed because we are a membership organization. If you would like more access, join as a member!


1 – They aren’t properly processed with a waivers and payment

2 – Non-members do not have the investment that members have in The Pad. It reduces our liability to keep non-members out of the gym during unsupervised hours.

Don’t mess with this and ruin a good thing. One good lawsuit and this all goes away.

The process begins at midnight on the 1st for most people, but it doesn’t post to your account until the 5th. We don’t get the money until the 7th, usually. It’s just the magic wonderment of automatic billing. Your official cycle will usually start on the 1st, unless you have put your account on suspension at some point and started it up with days credited, in which case, your billing cycle will change.

Two reasons:

1. We change lives through our community. We can’t do that unless you have a full commitment and show up. Three months seems to be the magic number.

2. We keep costs low by keeping administrative details low. Not having to work on people cancelling and signing up all the time by requiring a commitment (essentially, a Cal Poly quarter is how we set it) reduces time needed to manage people’s accounts. 

Have you noticed we don’t have initiation fees?

The Pad typically loses money in the summer because students go home and people cancel so they can climb outside or travel. When winter comes around, many people want to suspend their membership in December when they go home for the holidays, but we have not yet built our reserves up from the summer yet, and also it reduces the amount of administration required for short term suspensions. BTW, if you get hurt, we’ll suspend you, no questions asked.

 Fill out this link to cancel/or suspend. 

Have you noticed we don’t have initiation fees?

We try to be really cool and not require paperwork or a month-out cancellation process, but the fact is, sometimes we’re not checking our email at midnight on the 30th – we’re out having a good time. Five days gives us enough time to handle cancellations while still having a life, and we don’t think it’s too much to ask that you plan that out in advance.

Fill out this link to cancel/or suspend.

Have you noticed we don’t have initiation fees?

If you are late cancelling, that’s on you.

If you bought a month membership, that’s also on you. Yes, we can check your entry log, but plenty of times people get in with friends and don’t scan in anyway.

The Pad is cool to people who take responsibility for themselves and follow the rules. 

Have you noticed we don’t have initiation fees?

Friend, we’re pretty cool. No initiation or suspension fees . . . only five days ahead of time via form submission to cancel, we really want to make this not stressful for you.

BUT if you fail to follow our instructions and file a dispute, the bank charges US a fee. Then we have to go and prove that you didn’t follow instructions, call you, resolve it . . . it takes a lot of staff time, AND we still don’t get our money back when they charge that fee. So, that’s why.

Follow our easy rules. If we mess up, we fix it. If you mess up, that’s on you!

The Pad Climbing