Competition, climbing, yoga clinics, kid area, and more!

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Santa Maria, CA – Nov 1, 2018

Santa Maria’s The Pad Climbing invites the whole community to visit and use its facilities for free in celebration of its repainting on Saturday, November 10 from 10 am to 5 pm. After three years’ use, the walls had begun to look dingy, so staff and volunteers have been repainting the climbing area to make it sparkle again.

Attendees will enjoy free access to weights, kid area, climbing walls, Ninja course, yoga clinics, and more. We’ll have beer pouring by the Libertine, a food truck, gear sale, and lots of fun things to do and see.

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“We’re so excited to reintroduce the facility to our community,” says CEO Kristin Horowitz, “People think this isn’t for them for so many reasons, but it just might be! I fought hard to convince our investors to come to Santa Maria, because I knew we could change a lot of lives by bringing a gym here, and I’m so proud to see that’s happened with our members and staff. It’s not just a fun little workout – this is the place people come and meet lifelong friends, business collaborators, and life partners.”

We will also be having an all-abilities climbing competition for our members and visitors from 10-2.

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The Pad Climbing

The Pad Climbing, formerly SLO OP Climbing, has two locations: San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria. The gyms feature over 10,000 square feet each of rock climbing, weight equipment, yoga studios, and kid-friendly areas. Paddies are committed to an open and friendly community of friends who enjoy pushing eachother and themselves in healthy ways both in the gym and outside of it.

Video tour of The Pad Climbing, Santa Maria:


For more information, contact Yishai Horowitz, 805 720 1245 or


The Pad Climbing