Get ready to SEND IT – Fall Bouldering League is back!

A Paddie favorite is back for fall. Get ready to SEND it with Bouldering League 2023! This fun and friendly competition runs October 2 – 31.

Assemble your team of four people, pick a fun team name, and sign up online! We’re doing it a bit differently this year where you record your climbs on either Monday or Tuesday nights.

Sign your team up at $15/per participant for members, and $30 for guests. Cool perk? Your non-member fee covers a day pass for a climb once per week on Monday or Tuesday so you can record your climbs!

Our top teams will win some PadFam prizes you’ll put to good use (watch social media for announcements on those goodies!).

Sounds awesome! How does it work?

  • New routes will be set each Monday during the competition, and the route grade will be unknown and marked by a letter rather than a V grade.
  • Your redpoint (hardest grade you can successfully climb after having practiced) will be set based on the problems you climb during the first week of the competition.
  • From there, points will be awarded based on problems climbed in relation to your individual redpoint. For example, a V2 climber who sends a V3 will be awarded the same points as a V6 climber who sends a V7.
  • A climb can be marked as completed if you are able to climb from the start hold all the way to the finish hold without falling.
  • The top 12 climbs evenly distributed between team members will be used to determine your total team score.

I'm a new climber - is this competition for me?

Absolutely! Any and all climbers wishing to become better and stronger climbers should sign up for this event. If you’re a new climber, this is a comp that anyone can win and is not dependent on your climbing level, but instead highlights the amount of self-improvement over the course of 5 weeks.


  • Your team can compete on Monday or Tuesday nights from 5pm – 10pm.
  • You can not climb comp routes prior to the day and time you choose to compete.
  • Team members can not compete on separate days and there are no makeups.
  • You can only climb comp routes for points one time a week.
  • Once you turn in your score card, your comp is done for that week and you can not score any more points on that week’s set.

Sounds awesome, how do I sign up?

Assemble your team and smash that signup button!

Sign up TODAY! Competition runs October 2 - 31 only!

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