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Giving Tuesday: The Pad Climbing Highlights Climb 4 Community

This year, after you’ve spent Thanksgiving thinking about what you’re grateful for (us, we hope you thought of us, we thought of you!) – and you’ve either ignored Black Friday or you’ve snatched those deals, we wanted to highlight a newer program that we introduced this year.

Meet Climb 4 Community

Climb 4 Community was actually an idea hatched by Boulders, WI climbing gym owner Brad Werntz that he shared with CEO Kristin Horowitz. Seeing the need to raise rates to ensure long term success, but having always been committed to accessibility no matter what the overhead, Horowitz loved the idea – enabling those with means to give a meaningful contribution to those who need it, while getting entry into an elite group that’s recognized for their support of those around them.

While The Pad Climbing offers work trade programs and volunteer partnerships with community groups, we also recognize that people can be short on both time and money and we work with them to support those in need. But, our ability to support all who come is limited by our need to support our vendors, debtors, employees, and investors.

Has climbing changed your life? What would access to climbing do for others?

We need you: whether you’re a member, or a former member; a supporter, or a rival gym operator – the more access we can provide to those outside our community, the more the world can change for the better. People will smash barriers, meet good humans to support them, and start to dream about what else is possible.

They may not stay life long climbers, but it will have an impact for good.

Climb for Community membership includes:

  • One exclusive swag shirt after a year of donation (calculated in July of every year)
  • Free entry into any event we host and charge members for
  • Enjoy a second monthly buddy pass to share with anyone
  • 20 % off retail
  • A sense of well being as you see more and more people get access to the thing you love.

What your money will do:

  • Subsidize grants to low income individuals
  • Subsidize climbing equipment sale to grant recipients
  • Support nonprofit group attendance costs
  • Donate to related nonprofit organizations with the intent to:
    1. Expand our mission to include other peak experience activities that might not be otherwise accessible to recipients of your funds
    2. Develop other peak experiences for underserved communities (climbing walls, events, etc)
    3. Fund employment that supports our community  outreach

Support our efforts in supporting others in a sustainable way:

  • sign up at the front desk or email in and request a sign up
  • or contact us to find out how you can start a similar effort in your community.

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