SLO is proud to be Greenbiz Certified!

It’s pretty hard to not want to be a certified green business when you’re a climbing gym operator. The majority of the leadership in our company were outside climbers first, so it makes sense to ensure that the things we do have minimal negative impact and do our best to improve what is impacted in the course of our business.

Our San Luis Obispo location is proud to be a California Green Businessand Henderson is nearly done with its certification.

Things that make us green:

  • Solar panels powering facilities whenever possible
  • Encouraging work from home whenever possible
  • Providing ample bike parking (and we’re instituting a new program for May’s Bike Month that will pay employees to ride to work)
  • Green cleaning supplies, recycled paper, composting where available
  • Limiting one-time use supplies
  • Smart power strips and light switches
  • Supporting local vendors as much as possible

Do YOU want a green business? You’ll join good company and feel good making small choices every day that add up to a lot. Get started by visiting the Greenbiz Tracker today!

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