New features coming to Henderson!

Hey Padfam, it’s time for a glow-up! Pardon – no, CELEBRATE our dust as we shuffle things around the Henderson gym. Over the next few weeks, we’ll rearrange parts of the gym to make way for some fun new features and experiences!

While we don’t anticipate any major disturbances that will impact your visit with this small remodel, we appreciate your patience as some features may be temporarily unavailable as they are rebuilt into something fun and new! Here are some new things you can look forward to:

  • The slackline, previously housed in the back corner, has moved closer to the front. The area previously used by the slackline will become a rope instruction station
  • Our current lounge will transition into our new Wellness Center, which will be the home to our yoga and cardio equipment, as well as our resident physical therapist
  • The yoga studio will become the new lounge and party/meeting room. For added comfort (and by popular demand), we’re adding climate control to this room
  • We will be bringing back our own food and beverage sales for more robust options when the snack monster hits. That way you don’t have to cut sessions short and can stay and play longer!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @thepadclimbing to see the reveal of our new look!

The Pad Climbing