We’re hiring! HR Assistant – The Pad HQ

At the Pad, we try to be as progressive with our employment policies as we can.

We believe we can set industry standards and create career tracks for any employee who wants to further their knowledge and abilities. We look for potential employees who are passionate and enthusiastic and look for leaders that can continuously look for areas of growth in our programs.

The HR Assistant helps the HR Director oversee, implement & maintain employment and benefits policies. They are responsible for ensuring programs are being followed by other departments while keeping in line with company culture.

Our Mission: To build immersive experiences, spaces, and opportunities through climbing, community, fitness, and love
Here’s what a typical workload looks like:
  • Check in with program supervisors to ensure their employees files and paperwork is up to date
  • Manage employee information in Gusto
  • Ensure employee contracts are accurate and up to date
  • Assist with payroll tasks
  • Provide feedback to operations and program leaders to improve processes and bring new ideas to the table
  • Quickly communicate when you need help or have questions
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Manage hiring processes across all gyms
  • Admin benefits programs for all applicable employees/li>
  • Manage hiring processes including the new hire process, onboarding, personnel changes, and terminations
  • Conduct exit interviews with employees
  • Step in and help other program leaders as needed and when asked, focus on own responsibilities, but understand that we work as a team and we help each other out when we need it
  • Attention to detail and clarity of communication.
  • Ability to set priorities based on other people’s needs.
  • Confidence in setting own deadlines and work pace.
  • Reliable, fast Internet and a computer.
  • Tech savvy enough to use and apply a wide variety of applications, including Word, Google Drive, Gmail, and Asana
  • Comfortable doing what can be considered tedious tasks repetitively.
If you’re adaptable and love learning and improving, we want to hear from you!

Code Word: Precise

What we have to offer:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Paid bi-monthly on the 15th and last day of the month
  • $17-20/hour, assuming 15-20 hours per week to start


  • Accrued paid time off
  • Flexible hours that you control
  • Transfer and promotional opportunities
  • Gym membership for self plus immediate family
  • Retail and merchandise discounts

We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes diverse voices and experiences aligned with the vision of our organization: Climbing. Community. Fitness. Love.

Don’t send that resume just yet!

We don’t want your resume, we don’t want your cover letter, and we don’t want phone calls and emails! HERE’S WHY:

We at the Pad feel that the employment process is broken and we want to address these issues and hopefully inspire others to, as well.

Why is it broken?

  • Applicants are judged on their ability to make a fancy-looking document
  • Applicants are judged on their writing ability when that may not be a requirement of their position
  • Applicants are unfairly judged based on their employment history, success in describing it, and even by their own name and location.
  • Applicants are encouraged to go above and beyond, reaching out to HR and supervisors, and writing long essays, all of which is an emotional drain on everyone
  • Salary, benefits, time expectations, and even physical ability requirements are either omitted or over-inflated.

Our process eliminates that by testing applicants in as little time as possible to see if they will be a good fit:

Our process is designed to:

    • Educate you about the organization you are applying for so you know if it is a good fit or not for you.
    • Check for the level of attention to detail we want to see prior to hiring.
    • Check for level of readiness for the position
    • Show us your personality
    • Take a minimum of time and energy for our HR team AND you

Please note – if you send resumes, cover letters, etc without being asked, we will NOT review them.

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