LAST CHANCE before Summer! Ladies Lead Class with Heidi

Reserve your spot today for the LAST Ladies Lead Class before summer! Be sure to watch this space to see what’s coming up next for our Ladies Lead series!

Are you an experienced female climber who is ready to take the lead? Now is your chance to be elevated at this special two-day instruction event coming to San Luis Obispo!

Join Heidi Gue and your fellow Paddie gals for this class exclusively for women, by women on May 18 & 19! This two-day event meets both days at 6:30pm.

This special event is open to both members and non-members, and is guaranteed to fill up quickly. In fact, we had such a huge wait list for this, there are only a few spots open. Be sure to reserve your spot online in advance!

“We climb because we love it.
Not because we have to be the best at it.”
- Cat Runner

Meet your instructor, Heidi Gue

My name is Heidi Gue (it is pronounced like argue, just take away the AR :). I was born in Monterey, CA and grew up in Louisville, KY.

I stumbled upon climbing at a young age. At first, I thought it was just some random sport nobody knew about until I saw the bigger picture of climbing.

I was so blessed to have such sweet friends to guide me through my climbing journey as a young climber. They showed me that climbing wasn’t just about being a good climber, it was about the community, the sport itself, taking care of the outdoors, and taking care of and elevating each other.

I am excited to teach a class that empowers women who are looking to learn how to lead climb and feel support, rather than pressure, from those around them while they learn. This group of strong women will be there to push each other to try hard and love what they are doing, but mainly be there to encourage each other!

Being a part of this class is different because it will just be women, and if my ladies are out there, they know what I am saying – it’s a lot more empowering to climb together with a group of women.

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