Mad Rock Shoes Demo & Night Climb

We are teaming up with Mad Rock Climbing to put on a New Years Night Climb! This event will be on January 8th from 5pm – 9pm, with lights out starting at 6pm.

Mad Rock will be doing a shoe demo to show their new Drone VS and Rovers where everyone can come try on and learn more about these awesome climbing shoes! You can even make special orders through the front desk for any Mad Rock products and receive 20% off at the event.

All participants can enter a free raffle through Mad Rock to win awesome prizes! Anyone wearing anything glow in the dark stuff (clothes, glow sticks etc.) gets extra raffle entries.

No advance signup is required. Be aware that if you do come to climb between 6-9pm this day, the lights will be out and you’ll need a headlamp.

The Pad Climbing