introducing mellow mornings

Mellow Member Mornings

introducing mellow mornings

Members have early access to ropes at all our locations!

Ropes area opens at 8:30 AM. 

***Staff will NOT answer the phone, do general customer service, or sell any retail or membership items.**

Got Qs? We have As!

Why do you do this?

The intention of member mornings is to allow access to the roped area for existing members. We are a gym built on trust so we are trusting that all members who choose to use the roped area will do so responsibly. This is an added member benefit and a privilege.

On the weekends, the intention of mellow mornings is to provide designated time for sensory sensitive individuals to enjoy the gym knowing they will be supported in removing sensory issues, such as the music, lights, and fans.

What do the staff do?

M-F the responsibility of the staff member is to do the job they are scheduled to do, open the roped area, and be available to fill out an incident report form if there is an issue.
Sat/Sun the responsibility of the staff person is to open the ropes area, fill out incident report forms if needed, put mellow morning signs on the iPads, light switches, and fan operations, and to be available to answer questions and support sensory sensitive members.
What do I need to do to support this program?

The DEFAULT on the weekends should be lights, music, and fans off. We need to keep whichever fans/ac/ventilation systems running that support temperature and the pandemic, but anything other than that, should be kept off just for those hours in the morning.
Tthis is an amazing opportunity to remove another barrier, be more inclusive, and support all kinds of members.
What I’m the only one in the gym?

Keep the lights, music, and fans off, ideally. If you really need one of the amenities, then please be conscious of those entering the space and DEFAULT turn them off without asking. We trust you to think of others.
What if a sensory sensitive individual comes to a mellow morning but the music is on and they turn around and leave?

Go and talk with them. Turn off the music and lights, get to know that person.
Can we open the garage door in SLO to help with lighting and ventilation?

Sure, so long as it does not bother a sensory sensitive individual! (Conversations are key here!)
I NEED my music in order to climb!

Would you be willing to bring your own headphones so you can enjoy your music while supporting sensitive sensory individuals? Thank you so much for supporting our community and being willing to adapt!