By using our facility, you agree to the following rules.


Break the rules, and your access to the community may be revoked, with no refund or recourse available.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Know the rules – Please Read Below

General Rules – Updated 7/2020

  • Review the current waiver
  • Follow all posted policies and signs
  • Keep abreast of changing polices and rules that may not explicitly be stated here
  • Conduct yourself as an ideal Paddie: safe, non-threatening, and encouraging in and OUT of the gym environment
  • Ultimately YOU are responsible for your own safety and enjoyment. Rock climbing and weight training is inherently risky. We do our best to mitigate risks posed by equipment, but risks will always exist. Equipment fails, but more often humans fail. By continuing to use the facility, you acknowledge this fact.
  • Leave it nicer than you found it – help clean up trash or arrange the magazines.

Membership privileges:

  • Non-Members are welcome to visit during our open hours ONLY – bringing in a nonmember subjects you to a fine, membership suspension, or outright ban.
  • Care for the facility whether staffed or unstaffed – save energy by shutting unneccessary fans, music, and lights at night; notify management of broken or unsafe things
  • Return items to the location you found them, cleaning as appropriate
  • Report abuse of rules to management as soon as you see it
  • Respect the staff at all times and follow their requests


  • No intoxicants on premises
  • You may not be intoxicated on premises
  • You will not condone intoxicants on premises

Concerning the facility:

  • Park only in our parking lot or the street
  • Drive courteously
  • Shoes must be worn at all times except for yoga and showering.
  • No climbing shoes in the bathroom (don’t track bathroom stuff onto climbing holds, please)


  • Children under 14 are not allowed without adult supervision or unless excepted expressly by management
  • We consider unruly children the equivalent of unruly adults – you as a member should attempt to address the situation on your own before contacting staff. Unruly children who do not respond will not be welcomed back.


  • Only service animals performing a function for their handler (or in training with a professional) are allowed in the building. NOT emotional support animals. They must be restrained at all times.
  • Respect those who have allergies or fear of animals and make good choices.
  • Dogs may be restrained outside at tie in points or kennels provided.
  • Crated animals may be held in office spaces away from public temporarily to protect them from heat.


  • Be aware of fall zones, stay out of them, and encourage others to.
  • You must be certified to use the rope area as a belayer, tie in climber, or leader.
  • Top rope certified climbers may follow leaders for practice.
  • No down leading
  • No skipping bolts
  • No roped climbing during unstaffed hours
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