Nurture Early Childhood program launches in SLO

Now with NEW updated, naptime-friendly time slots!

Starting in 2022, we are excited to announce the comeback of our early childhood program to San Luis Obispo!

Caregivers and their charges will work together with experienced coaches to explore new challenges and learn how to take calculated risks in our rock climbing gym environment.

Developed with the principals of gentle, child-empowering parenting, parents will be encouraged to use descriptive language and allow the children to make free choices with small consequences, which has been proven to develop better self confidence, natural curiosity, and dexterity and balance they’ll take with them into adulthood.


  • 1 hour class/practice
  • Wednesday Mornings:
    • Crawlers: 9:00-9:45am
    • Walkers: 10:00-10:45am
    • Runners: 11:00-11:45am

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