Girl in zip up hoodie smiles while sitting with a lamb

Kristin Horowitz - CEO + Founder

Yishai Horowitz - Business Development Director + Founder

Girl looks up smiling while climbing rocks

Jessica Mitchell - Chief of Operations

Jon-Erik Storm - In House Counsel

Jacob Rivera - Human Resources Director

Jaz Ferguson - Customer Relations Director

Josef Maier - Setting Director

Alexandra Oisboid - Youth Programming Director

man with beard wears a hat and holds a whiteboard while smiling

Clint Sanderson - Director of Climbing

Photo of woman at climbing wall

Amy Gillham - Community Director

Marie Lyons - Controller/Bookkeeper

Technically, she’s a contractor – and you can hire her too – but she is so integral to our operations, she deserves a spot here.

She’s the only other person in the whole world that “gets” our system and she’s constantly iterating and making things more efficient. And as we get more complicated, she ensures we’re always doing it right and making it look easy.

Kristina Albrecht - Graphic Communications

Even before she was on our payroll, Kristina influenced not only the visuals for the operation, but the culture as well.

While she makes amazing art and videos – she also brings a lot of experience to the table that informs us on all aspects of operations. Plus, when she’s at the gym, she’s usually tidying something up or adding delight because that is just who she is.