Not a minor but currently enrolled in school?

Then ask about our Student Membership!

Bring your schedule in to the gym and pay youth membership rates!


Available at all Pad locations. 

Ready for an upgrade? Check out our NEW Climb4Community Membership!

Climb 4 Community (C4C) is a Paddie take on a new national program aimed at providing access to climbing for all while encouraging community investment.

It has always been our commitment to bring as many people into the community as possible, even as our costs increased.

We did it through community partners, student/youth memberships, and volunteer and affinity programs: And now C4C will take their place.

The idea?

Members who are able to pay more than basic membership rates choose their own monthly membership price, and those who need to pay less can also set their price.

There are no qualifying conditions for paying less or more** – and the people that handle the applications have been selected for their ability to keep it anonymous, inclusive, and kind.

** If under $40, individual needs to show evidence as supporting the community as well – this could be acting as a caregiver for a relative, volunteering, etc.

This young family, which includes three adopted daughters, gets to enjoy The Pad together thanks to your Climb4Community membership.

Keep reading to learn more about the difference your C4C membership can make for families like The Taylors.

This program is supported by


This elite program works to hide the distinction of the two different options, because everyone receives the benefits of C4C!

If we bring in more than we subsidize, we are committed to reinvesting it back into the program rather than passing it on as profits – and we’ll have public scorecards proving it.

C4C is for anyone and everyone, even if you need to pay just a little less or if you can afford just a few dollars more.

Paying more into C4C secures OUR ability to continue providing memberships for those who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to be part of the gym community and gives you the ability to know that you’re directly giving back to something that you believe in. 

C4C is an autodraw membership just like our base EFT membership, and it comes with SO many benefits!


Click here and complete the form, and we will get your membership set up as soon as possible.


Use this same link to apply if you’re able to pay a little more, or need to pay a little less.


Work with one of our partner organizations and they’ll give you a letter that grants you a free membership!

Don’t see a group you work with? Connect us! We’re more than happy to partner with other organizations!


Are you a young person looking to climb or someone undergoing a life change? Sign up for one of these mentorship programs:
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