Syn Shop brings their makerspace to the lounge!

Do you have a project big or small?

Don’t have a woodshop or access to wood or metalworking equipment?

Do you want to learn sewing? Rapid Prototyping? Welding?

Whether it’s building a lounge chair from the cushions to the frame or your own mini weather station, our friends at Las Vegas Syn Shop have everything you need to Make Stuff Awesome, and the community to help and support you!

Come take a virtual tour of this unique maker space! Syn Shop will hold a demo in The Lounge at our Henderson gym on September 17 from 11am – 3pm and will provide sample projects, a video of some of the shop equipment in use, and provide a demo of Fusion 360 (a 3D modeling program used to create or modify models for 3D printing or CNC routing). In addition, they will bring in a small 3D printer!

Come learn about upcoming classes on electronics, soldering, and cybersecurity in addition to learning how to use the various equipment.

The Pad Climbing