Yoga Returns!

Starting in August, yoga is returning to the Pad Fam!


This time, we’re doing it a little differently:

The space will be donated to trusted instructors who will take a drop-in fee of $10/class directly from you.

If you wish to remain and climb, you’ll need to purchase a day pass or membership with us.

This new model allows our instructors to make more money per class, avoid the overhead of coordinating schedules, and allows both popular and new instructors to have a space to practice according to their own wishes and not have The Pad’s operations interfere with their goals.

The Pad has always been about using our space for the community to grow, and we cannot wait to provide that opportunity to the yoga community.

If you are interested in leading a class of any type, please get in touch with for scheduling information.

a woman stands at the ready for something unknown to the audience
The Pad Climbing